Samantha George-Easton*

Hector (Artist Statement)

Winner of the Juror's Choice Award, Woodstock Art Gallery, Visual Elements 2009

Photographic Sculpture


Juror’s Statement:

Samantha George’s work in homage to her friend, Hector, is moving, powerful and delicate.  The sensitive layering of glass-based images against a light source conjures memories of being alone at the computer screen at night, eluded by sleep, and also suggest the ultimate ultimate ephemerality and vulnerability of human life.  The artist has found a means to create a work that is lyrical and poetic despite being crafted from contemporary materials that do not give any direct evidence of the work of her hands.  Thus there is a painterly effect and a sculptural presence about the work that gives it the power to  place itself, experientially, with our lives.  This is a beautiful piece that demonstrate art’s ability to make a difference in the life of the artist, and also to those who encounter her work.

Patrick Mahon, Western University, London, Ontario